Staatsolie is committed to preserving and protecting nature

20 January 2020

This collaboration has a huge impact, because the companies commit themselves to help realize the objectives of the Suriname Conservation Foundation (SCF). The employees of the companies are also small ambassadors for the preservation of the environment and biodiversity.


The other companies that have signed the pledge are: De Surinaamsche Bank, Assuria, Iamgold, Telesur, Kirpalani, SLM, Torarica, Grassalco, UCC, Hakrinbank, Kersten and VSH United. They all belong to the Suriname Conservation Foundation Green Partnership Program (SGPP).

SCF started in 2010 with the program to make the Surinamese economy greener. This means that economic growth must go hand in hand with sustainable solutions for our environment.


Next to focus on the environment, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are also supported. The companies have set aside five years to realize these and other objectives. With the public signing of the document, the companies confirm that they are serious about their commitment.